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21 Mei 2004
Perbaikan sistem billing dari aplikasi web ke aplikasi berbasis windows
01 Mei 2004
Pergantian sistem control panel / site automation dari Ensim ke Cpanel
20 November 2003
Soft Launch billing online status, segera dapatkan user ID dan password bila anda sudah menjadi pelanggan
10 Agustus 2003
Upgrade webhost manager, redesign interface web Modulindo.com, dapatkan harga terbaru yang lebih "menarik" untuk paket virtual host.
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:: About Modulindo ::
Technology has greatly changed the way we do business today. It has assumed man-hours of labor with relative ease and has granted us with a relative sense of security. This great dependence on technology now poses us with the issues of managing it and continuing to pursue stronger infastructures.
Modulindo strives in various areas to help your business maintain a strong position in technology:
  • Web design and Development
  • Web and E-mail Hosting
  • 3D Modeling
  • Information Management
  • Computer Network Design and Installation
  • Corporate Data Management
Contact us for more detail Pre Sales & Inquiry :
Jl. AUP Barat 67, Jakarta Selatan 12450
Phone :+62-21-70016073
Hotline : +62-8888-663431
Fax : +62-21-78115451

Email : halo@modulindo.com

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